My Single Life in Malaysia

Peri Will…the story continues After my divorce I found myself alone and single in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I looked forward to the new adventures I would have being single in a foreign country. I had many good experiences which I would like to share during this period of my life from 2008-2012.Some people might be scared and fearful of being divorced and on their own in a strange country but because of the hardships I have already endured in my life I have become a strong and confident young lady fully capable of taking care of myself. I now have the ability to look at what some people might see as challenges, not as challenges but as opportunities. I am anxious to begin this next phase of my life’s journey. I worked in a 5-star hotel in Hospitality. The system I worked in allowed me the opportunity to save a little money and begin what I really looked forward to…travel to new places. There were basically 3-shifts at the hotel and often I was required to work double shifts. While this certainly put a strain on me I was able to accrue time for future days off rather than being paid overtime. My pay was a combination of salary, tips and service charge sharing. The service charges paid by guests went into a pool which was evenly distributed among all hotel employees. The tips I received I was able to keep for myself in addition to my salary. To gain additional time off I worked on many public holidays and those days I could use later for my travel. The hotel experience was good as I received accommodations, so I had a place to live and a food allowance also transportation allowance. I lived with other young ladies which helped me to make friends very quickly. The money I received monthly was sufficient and allowed me enough funds to send money home to my village every month as I had an obligation to help them, do the fun thing all young ladies like…shopping and to support my desire to travel and see new and exciting places. This was a very good time in my life although I worked hard for everything I received. If you have never been to Kuala Lumpur or as they say…KL it is a shopper’s paradise. Many places to browse and shop. From street vendors to world class stores like Gucci or Prada. A girl could go crazy shopping here and I did haha. KL also offers many great restaurants for dining and an excellent nightlife. I took advantage of it all while I was there. I also met many wonderful friends and we had much in common. It is great to share your experiences with friends who enjoy the same things. We shopped, we dined, we danced at the clubs and we travelled together. A wonderful scenario for a young lady enjoying the single life. I met many young men during this time and I enjoyed that very much. The single life is not bad at all if you are in KL and looking to have fun. I also was able to take advantage of my desire for travel. Asia offers some wonderful countries to visit and I made the most of this time and the savings I was able to obtain. I have many great memories of this time in my life.I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines. I want to share some of my stories about my travels and my experiences. Bangkok,Phuket,Pattaya ThailandEverything you’ve ever heard about Bangkok is true. What an amazing city. The Thai people are some of the nicest in the world. The food is fabulous especially if you like it spicy. It is hard to get anywhere as the traffic is terrible. I guess that is to be expected in a city of 8 million people. However, Tuk Tuks are plentiful and are able to swerve through the congestion fairly easily. Many things in Bangkok are inexpensive including doctors and dentists. Street vendors are everywhere and if you are a single man looking for a certain kind of fun you will enjoy the adult nightlife. What amazed me was how beautiful some of the Lady boys were. They look exactly like beautiful women and there are so many of them. My friends and I shopped, went sightseeing and ate wonderful Thai food. If you ever plan a trip there be sure to go during Songkran, the Thailand New Year’s festival. Everyone gets sprayed with water and I mean drenched. The Thai people love this event as to all the foreigners that participate. SingaporeWhat a truly beautiful city. Singapore has to be one of the cleanest cities in the world. They pride themselves on this and it shows everywhere. It starts when you arrive. The Singapore airport is consistently rated as one of the best in the world. When you leave the airport and drive towards the city the landscaping is awesome, and the Singapore skyline is stunning. Amazing architecture can be seen everywhere. My friends and I stayed in an area referred to as Clark Quay and it is a waterway that winds through part of the city. It is a beautiful walk to stroll along Clark Quay in the evening and seeing all the people and the pubs and restaurants along the water way. A spot no group of young females would want to miss is the shopping on Orchard Road and we certainly didn’t during our visits. Every shop you could imagine is on Orchard Road but be sure to bring money as many are your high-end shops with price tags to match. The food in Singapore is terrific and you have so many culinary influences in the city from Malaysian, Chinese to Indian to Western. Just about any type of food you might like can be found in this wonderful city. Hong Kong & MacauHong Kong is another city I fell in love with and returned many times. While Singapore might remind you of Disneyland because it is so clean and tidy, Hong Kong is a huge bustling, somewhat dirty city of almost 8 million people and there is not much land, so it is shoulder to shoulder people in most places. It is said that the Mon Kok area of Hong Kong has more people per square inch than anywhere in the world and I believe it after shopping there. Times Square is another place in Hong Kong where the density of people would amaze you. There are skyscrapers all over the city but there are also many parks and hiking trails. Hong Kong has something for everyone including a wild nightlife scene. Lan Kwai Fong is an upscale area with many pubs and night clubs. A lot of business people go there after work or some people just toparty. There is also, Wan Chai which is the seedy area of pubs where you can see just about anything and everyone. On Saturday nights and Sundays many of the foreign domestic workers go there to party and there is a large element of, how do I say this, working girls that hang out there looking for guys. It was troubling to me and my friends that when we went there because we are Asian that the people that worked at the bars and clubs thought we might be working girls, so they gave us watered down drinks. We were offended but that is just how things are for young Asian girls when they go to these places in a city like Hong Kong. Shopping and food is also wonderful in Hong Kong and if you go to The Peak on a clear day the sites of the city are absolutely amazing. Macau was a nice 2-day trip for us on one of our visits. The high-speed boat from Hong Kong only takes one hour and then you enter what seems like another world. You think you are in Las Vegas in the US with all the big casinos. Some are old built years ago and some are brand new, huge and gorgeous. If gambling is your thing then Macau is the place to go. The other part of Macau which is very interesting is the old Portuguese portion of the city. It is very interesting to walk around this old part of Macau which is much different than the areas where the casinos are located. PhilippinesI had the pleasure of visiting and staying with my friend in the Philippines for over a month. A beautiful country with so much to see with over 7,000 islands. We stayed in Cebu which was very nice and wonderful food and people. I also had the great opportunity to go to one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Palawan. The beaches there are stunning and the island is a relaxing hideaway for anyone looking to relax and enjoy nature.As you can see, travel affords a great opportunity to see the world, the different cultures and help you understand how people are different but also very similar. Once my contract expired in 2012 I went back to Indonesia but with a thirst to continue my desire to travel and see new and exciting places.My Learnings from My Time in Malaysia Life teaches us many things if we take the time to reflect and learn from our past. What life taught me was that although I had a very difficult early childhood it provided me strength in many ways. It taught me to be self-sufficient. It taught me that although you might be down and depressed you have the ability to pick yourself up and keep moving. You don’t need to rely on someone else to make your life better (although I was fortunate enough to have people that helped me out). You have the ability to build inner strength and to challenge yourself to make the best of any situation. Also, I learned that what initially is perceived to be bad (my divorce) can, in fact, be a blessing in disguise as my time in Malaysia was wonderful. My single years in Malaysia taught me how important friends can be in your life and these friendships I made are still very strong today as we stay in touch after all these years. So, the major learning is that YOU and you alone are responsible for creating your happiness. Don’t depend on someone else. Look hard and you will find the blessing in any situation.

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