my painful childhood

My Road to Happiness

Welcome to my Site.

My name is Peri Will (putri widiyarti) and I want to share with you my life experience, my background…. My hopes… My frustrations and my dreams for the future.I am an Indonesian born in a small village part of Yogyakarta. I hope my story will motivate and inspire you to focus on your goals and stay committed to achieving everything you desire regardless to how difficult the path you choose.We have no guarantees in life what separate happiness from sadness or success and failure is our desire to never give up.Here is a photo of family and friends from my village. On the far left is my auntie holding her son. Directly behind her is her daughter and next to them in the purple is my grandmother. The place call TAMAN MARIA GIRI WENING …..

1 thought on “My Road to Happiness”

  1. A remarkable life story.
    I understand now how you have become so strong.
    Although your childhood was not pleasant, it made you strong and determined to succeed, becasue you don’t give up and you are driven to make a better life .
    I know you will strive hard and I believe you will achieve the happiness, dignkity and quality of life you seek.


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